Industrial Insulation

Industrial Insulation

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We are passionate about insulation. Developing, creating, and fitting insulation  for industrial and high-tech applications is in our DNA. Making the most of our  technical skills, specialised knowledge and understanding of every aspect of  how insulation works – that’s HBKR’s speciality – no matter whether it is thermal  and cryogenic insulation, noise protection and acoustic insulation or insulation  for nuclear facilities. 

HBKR is well known for supplying top quality industrial insulation for an entire range of different areas – offering bespoke solutions as well as standard  materials and processes. As we use efficient production techniques and are  not tied to any manufacturer, we can guarantee that the insulation we deliver  and install for our customers has been perfectly adapted to meet their exact  requirements. Any components, which are unable to be produced on site,  are prepared beforehand in our own specialist workshops. 

We develop and produce a range of proprietary products and systems as well  as innovative solutions to protect, maintain and ensure the integrity,  performance, and function of our customer’s assets.

From refineries and power plants to food processing, LNG facilities, the  chemical industry to ships and offshore platforms, we have the expertise to help  you achieve even the most ambitious goals and make even the biggest and  most complex insulation projects reality. 

HBKR industrial insulation is not only vital for companies so they can run a safe  and cost-effective business. It also helps to grow sustainability. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to energy – as our insulation reduces consumption  which, in turn, conserves natural resources and helps combat global warming. We  can install insulation as part of a project, during regular maintenance work or  during turnarounds. What ‘s more, we can provide the full range of services – from  advice and engineering work, to planning, all the way through to professionally  installing the systems. When designing our insulation solutions, we always take  additional benefits into account, for example reducing the space needed for the  insulation, ensuring it can withstand extreme loads or allowing for it to be easily  dismantled.