Fire Proofing and Refractory Activity

Fire Proofing and Refractory Activity

Passive fire Protection

Fire is and remains a substantial risk. HBKR continually develops and imple ments passive fire protection systems that provide the highest levels of safety  to protect the people who live and work inside industrial facilities, large build ings, on ships and offshore platforms or are driving through tunnels from the  dangers of fire. 

From trading products to innovative tailored solutions and the complete plan ning, development and execution of large-scale fire tests for qualifying fire pro tection systems, HBKR has the experience and expertise to keep fire at bay. 
We install and maintain 

  • Penetration sealing of pipes and cables 
  • Fire load encapsulation / function of cables 
  • Cladding for air ducts and support rails 
  • Fire protection coatings, enclosures, facades and windows
  • Fire protection of vessels against specific fire curves up to jet fire  insulation 
  • Fire-protection concepts and advice 
  • Composite systems with excellent fire-protection properties

Refractory linings 

HBKR is able to undertake maintenance services on refractory linings which are installed to protect industrial assets against the effect of heat, abrasion or  chemical processes in the Oil & Gas, petrochemicals, cement, iron and steel  industries. 

Our operational teams apply refractory linings to all types of furnaces and  heating plants. Our services enable us to complete refractory assignments,  particularly during plant shutdowns, and encompass design and engineering,  materials procurement and installation. 

We are experienced in a number of application methods including removal of existing damaged refractory parts, surface preparation, carpentry works, anchor welding, gunning, casting and applying fibrous products