Anti Corrosion Coatings

Anti Corrosion Coatings

Under painting activities

HBKR speciality is the application of industrial anticorrosion paints, which offer many benefits to plant owners:

  • Protection: reduces the effects of the external environment
  • Durability: increases the efficiency and service life of industrial structures  and infrastructure 
  • Aesthetics: colour stability, structure enhancement 
  • Ease of cleaning: coatings that can be cleaned by high pressure water  jetting.

On old or new surfaces, anticorrosion systems are specified by our customers,  recommended by manufacturers, and planned by our technical departments. The  paints used are certified, approved and guaranteed by specialist bodies. 


Our service portfolio in metal and concrete surface  preparation covers: 

  • Abrasive blasting with a huge variety of different blasting media and me dia sizes 
  • Ultra-high pressure water jetting with up to 40.000 psi 
  • Inductive Heat System for removing thick film coatings and passive fire  protection systems from carbon steel 
  • Power and hand tool cleaning 
  • High pressure water cleaning with up to 4.400 psi to remove dirt, grease  and oil